Non-armored tracked vehicles

ATS-59G Russian Artillery Tractor

Medium artillery tractor based on the chassis of the T54/55 main battle tank; A650 V12-cylinder Diesel engine delivering 300 HP.

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Allis-Chalmers M4 High Speed Tractor

Built 1943, in service with the US Army in Europe until 1956, from 1956 until 1970 documented service with the Austrian Armed Forces, then returned to the US. 2007-2016 fully refurbished (brand new Waukesha 145GZ 6-cylinder petrol engine delivering 210 HP).

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Hacker Motormuli M80

The "missing link" in Austrian tank development after WW2 between the "Raupenschlepper Ost" and the Saurer Schützenpanzer, built around 1951, Steyr WD413 4-cylinder Diesel engine delivering 80 HP (2 vehicles in stock)

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Volvo BV202 Mk 2 „Bandvagn“

Amphibious transport vehicle of the Swedish Armed Forces, built 1968, Volvo 2-l 4-cylinder petrol engine delivering 97 HP

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